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Cane Corso Breeder in New Mexico: AKC-Licensed Cane Corso Italiano Working Dog Breeding

Since the Roman times, Cane Corso breeds have been favored as protection dogs. As their emotional nature makes for poor ESA dogs, they do have the ability to be a great protection dog for personal, executive, and corporate establishments. With our Cane Corso breeders on your side, we’ll tell you that just like training any other dog, the coaching of a Cane Corso takes time. However, it depends on what services you’re using the animal for, and once your dog has completed our training, you’ll be satisfied with the results here at Weibes Haus K9.

Benefits of The Cane Corso

Our working dog breeders are here to tell you that Cane Corso breeds have outstanding characteristics and attributes. Fast and light on their feet, their ability to move quickly comes in handy when needed to apprehend or chase a potential suspect away from their family. In addition, the physical build of the Cane Corso is great for intimidation from individuals with ill intentions. Having a muscular body and forceful bite, you’ll feel protected all the time with your furry companion by your side.

The Best Use for A Cane Corso

The nature of a Cane Corso is created around family. These animals know the value of family and are very comfortable and protective around their family. Constantly aiming to please their owners, they make for great and obedient protection dogs. So many people across the globe have found comfort in assigning their Cane Corso the duty of protecting their loved ones.

Why It’s Best to Choose Our Cane Corso Breeders

As a working dog breeder, we’ve found it best to opt for professionals when you’re seeking a dog with such important tasks to do. Protecting your family isn’t something you’ll trust just any dog to accomplish. That’s why at Weibes Haus K9, our working dog breeders are here to ensure the proper training and assessments are being completed throughout the process. It’s also important to note that due to the high demand for these animals, it’s best to have proven documentation that your animal is a pure breed Cane Corso. Often, other sellers will claim pure breeds when in fact, it’s a mixed breed. You can feel confident about a new companion and dog training and visit our top working dog breeders operating out in New Mexico.

A Working Dog Breeder and Trainer You Can Rely On

Weibes Haus K9 is a small, family run, American Kennel Club licensed breeder and trainer of working dogs operating out of Hobbs, New Mexico. We specialize in breeding Cane Corso Italiano, working line German Shepherds, and other top breeds, with stock chosen from the finest European breeding programs. Regardless of whether you are looking for an emotional support dog, a protection animal, a medical alert companion, or an addition to your law enforcement team, our breeders and trainers are trusted throughout the nation.

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