beautiful brown Belgian Shepherd ( Malinois )

Belgian Malinois Breeder in New Mexico: AKC-Licensed Pure-Bred Belgian Malinois

With the top working dog breeders based in New Mexico, our team at Weibes Haus K9 can tell you that our Belgian Malinois dogs are one of the most intelligent breeds. With so much potential, our Belgian Malinois breeders get started as soon as the animal is young. With so many options to focus these dogs’ attention, whether it be for protection, navy seals, military, or any other law enforcement related tasks, our high quality dogs will not disappoint.

Reap the Benefits of Owning These Amazing Service Dogs

As a breeder of Belgian Malinois dogs, we’ve seen these animals reach their full potential. Belgian Malinois are intellectual, faster than most, more energetic, obedient, and protective. Belgian Malinois dogs tend to have a greater aggression level which is wanted for law enforcement. Their energy level allows them to perform more extreme and intensive tasks without becoming too tired to complete a mission.

What Tasks Are Best for A Belgian Malinois?

Choosing a Belgian Malinois is an excellent option for many reasons. These breeds excel when it comes to natural protection instincts. As a protection dog, you’ll have no problem controlling with top-tier training. These animals are also no stranger to law enforcement. With the intellectual capabilities of these dogs, they are sought out for navy seal teams, and our working dog breeders help you find the perfect candidate.

The Way Our Dogs Are Trained

Our working dog breeders ensure you’re receiving a purebred animal, which helps when training. With our Belgian Malinois, years of experience have taught us to start training as soon as possible. With early and extensive socialization paired with firm training, they’ll be prepared to follow instructions well. Choosing to use a trusted Belgian Malinois breeder such as Weibes Haus K9 ensures you that not only is your dog well trained ready for anything, but you know that you’re receiving a high quality animal with all the proper certifications and documents ensuring its health, obedience, temperament assessments and much more.

A Working Dog Breeder and Trainer You Can Rely On

Weibes Haus K9 is a small, family run, American Kennel Club licensed breeder and trainer of working dogs operating out of Hobbs, New Mexico. We specialize in breeding Cane Corso Italiano, working line German Shepherds, and other top breeds, with stock chosen from the finest European breeding programs. Regardless of whether you are looking for an emotional support dog, a protection animal, a medical alert companion, or an addition to your law enforcement team, our breeders and trainers are trusted throughout the nation.

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