Working Dog Breeding in New Mexico: German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, & Cane Corso Italiano Breeder

At Weibes Haus K9, we have top purebred dog breeds. As an American Kennel Club (AKC) licensed company, you can feel confident that you’re looking at the highest quality dogs. With such a high standard, we’re proud to provide you with the top trainers ready to train your dog. Our breeds include German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, and Cane Corso Italianos.

German Shepherd head shot

The Versatility of Having a German Shepherd Service Dog

It’s no surprise that German Shepherds are usually thought of as law enforcement animals. A purebred German Shepherd has the agility to perform many tasks that other dogs may not. With such a lasting career in law enforcement history, officers have sought these types of dogs to strengthen their law enforcement or military team. However, German Shepherds are one of the most sought out animals when it comes to service breed dogs and can perform not only as a law enforcement animal but may be a great fit for another type of service as well.


Understanding the Importance of Our Belgian Malinois Service Dogs

Our team knows the benefits that our Belgian Malinois dogs bring. With so many similar qualities to the German Shepherd, the training process for these dogs is somewhat the same. Starting as a pup, our Belgian Malinois purebred dogs are a great addition to high profile teams such as the navy seals. Working with the navy seals is nothing new to Belgian Malinois dogs. Considered to be a very intelligent breed, it’s best not to waste their talents as an ESA. With the ability to run faster than most breeds, our Belgian Malinois is best used for protection and intelligent missions.

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Protect Your Loved Ones & Yourself with Our Dutch Shepherds

We also offer our Dutch Shepherd dogs, also known as Dutchies. These animals are great for family friendly protection dogs, ESA pets, or police dogs. Our Dutchies excel at several different tasks, making them ideal for various services with so much to offer. Their trainability is exceptionally high, which means they take direction well. With other breeds, you need to start at such a young age, whereas with Dutch Shepherds, it helps but isn’t required. These animals tend to stay in excellent health and are a cousin breed of the German Shepherd.

Elegant male breed cane Corso at sunset.

Is A Cane Corso Italiano Right for You?

Cane Corso Italianos are not always thought of as being a good service dog. As we recognize some traits that may not be a great fit for certain services, our Cane Corso Italianos dogs are an excellent option for protection dogs, especially for personal and family use. With the agility and loyalty this dog possesses, you’ll always be their number one priority. Aiming to please their owner, they are greatly obedient with excellent health immunity. Not to mention, all Weibes Haus K9’s dog breeds are licensed with the American Kennel Club.

A Working Dog Breeder and Trainer You Can Rely On

Weibes Haus K9 is a small, family run, American Kennel Club licensed breeder and trainer of working dogs operating out of Hobbs, New Mexico. We specialize in breeding Cane Corso Italiano, working line German Shepherds, and other top breeds, with stock chosen from the finest European breeding programs. Regardless of whether you are looking for an emotional support dog, a protection animal, a medical alert companion, or an addition to your law enforcement team, our breeders and trainers are trusted throughout the nation.

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