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PTSD Service Dogs in New Mexico: Anxiety, PTSD & Veteran Support Service Dog Breeder & Training Services

Weibes Haus K9 provides dogs that not only help our new owners create a safer and better space to be in, but we provide well trained companions as well. Our PTSD service dog training will teach your animal how to calm their handler in high stress situations. Commonly, many victims of PTSD find it challenging to adjust in large crowds, having minor things from their surroundings trigger an episode. With our service animals for PTSD, you can rest assured you have a furry teammate to keep your health balanced.

Our Service Dogs Aren’t Just for Veterans With PTSD

With our PTSD service dog trainers, we can train our animals to help with various disabilities and the support needed by our veterans. However, it’s important to note that not only veterans may have PTSD. PTSD is post traumatic stress disorder that can be caused by a traumatic experience that leaves you in a fragile or bad mental state. Whether it be a natural disaster, war, or even an assault, our animals are trained since birth to adapt and perform the abilities needed by their owners.

The Length Depends on Your Needs

Our veteran service dog training will vary in length depending on the owner and how well our dogs’ train. It usually takes around 8 to 18 months. We consider the veteran’s needs and what type of tasks they need the dog to perform. With so many successful PTSD stories where our animals have helped their owner’s everyday life, there’s no reason you shouldn’t look into service dogs for veterans with PTSD.

What Can a Service Animal for PTSD Do?

Weibes Haus K9’s veteran service dog training will keep their owner in a comfortable headspace performing tasks such as calming anxiety, adjusting serotonin levels, help decrease depression, as well as protect in overcrowding and help lower their blood pressure in stressful situations. It’s entirely possible that their owner will have an outburst or an episode, and you’re going to want to rely on your PTSD service animal to calm them down.

A Working Dog Breeder and Trainer You Can Rely On

Weibes Haus K9 is a small, family run, American Kennel Club licensed breeder and trainer of working dogs operating out of Hobbs, New Mexico. We specialize in breeding Cane Corso Italiano, working line German Shepherds, and other top breeds, with stock chosen from the finest European breeding programs. Regardless of whether you are looking for an emotional support dog, a protection animal, a medical alert companion, or an addition to your law enforcement team, our breeders and trainers are trusted throughout the nation.

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